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Being the undisputed, we are in fitness industry for the past 5 years has its privileges and we invite you to reap the benefits of our success. Fitness Track Gym is currently the fastest growing gym chain in Vadodara. Fitness Track will be offering franchisee opportunities throughout India. The Fitness Track franchise program has been designed to give top gym operators and entrepreneurs around the world the opportunity to benefit by representing the brand and becoming part of the strongest network in the $13 billion fitness industry globally. Although becoming a Fitness Track franchise owner is a serious commitment, the rewards are immeasurable, including:

Instant brand awareness. 5 years of achievement and recognition in the fitness industry. Corporate support in planning your location and gym layout. Access to our network. We are particular about our franchisees because they all contribute to our success, one health club at a time. We are seeking only top visionaries who are committed to raising the bar in fitness.

We undertake setting up & management of gym facilities. We have successfully setup & are managing gym facilities in Vadodara. We bring in 5 years of operational & managerial expertise in gyms.

Determining the optimum floor size of the gym. Identification, procurement & mapping of gym equipment. Determining the optimum equipment mix. Developing a system for allocation of equipment’s. Recruitment of staff. Training of gym staff on the latest international training modules in health and fitness. Training of staff on Gym Management Software. Fitness Track will bring in latest development happening in the fitness industry globally by constant up gradation of knowledge and training to the benefits of the users. Fitness Track will provide users of the gym with personalized training schedules. Fitness Track will conduct fitness assessment of the users on quarterly basis and will provide them with goal driven fitness regime. Fitness Track will conduct fitness related workshop & lectures at the gym on a quarterly basis on Fitness Track Gym global standards of operation.

Fitness Track would provide an induction program which would essentially cater to ideal business conduct in order to make it an unqualified success story. The initial training would cover the product-based services, the equipment and the methodology of analysis and customer service, as well as the conduct of day-to-day operations. Fitness Track will train personnel on new training methodologies as and when deemed appropriate at no extra cost. Operating manuals would be provided for all major aspects concerned with the successful and efficient running of the center. Any technology changes and regulatory requirements would be communicated at the appropriate time to ensure that the centers are quality-oriented path labs and have the ability to create their pocket of influence in the vicinity.

Advertising is a critical component in promoting any business, and an area that Fitness Track has excelled in for nearly 4 years. We’re proud of our advertising and encourage all franchise owners to take advantage of this important aspect in gaining a competitive business.

We are dedicated to providing every Fitness Track franchisee and his/her staff the skills necessary to run a successful business. Fitness Track provides a comprehensive training and support system in a five-day comprehensive workshop aimed at delivering efficient and modern approaches to learning and orienting new franchisees to the Fitness Track systems. Fitness Track Gym also provides Regional Training Seminars. These seminars are on regular basis during the year designed to bring the best Sales and Management Training to Fitness Track Gyms across the country.

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