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Yoga Adds To Your Workout…..

The biggest dilemma that we all face is whether to hit a gym or do yoga, but what we don’t understand is that they perfectly complement each other. Yoga a mind and body exercise which can be easily added to our daily workout routine can do wonders. It is also advised to stretch your body […]

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5 Tips For Staying Motivated About Your Workout Routine

As passionate as we are about getting in shape at Fitness Track, we’ve all been there! That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite motivational tips, so you can get ready to rock even on the most “meh” days. Listen to your favorite tunes. You’re probably no stranger to listening to music while you’re doing your favorite exercises, […]

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Green tea and fat loss

Green tea contains caffeine. A cup of green tea contains around 24-40mg of caffeine compare to 100-200mg of in cup of coffee. Caffeine is the stimulant which increases the metabolic rate of the body so by which the rate of fat burning increases in the body. Green tea is also loaded with range of antioxidants […]

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